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To have a successful fleet management business, you need to have a robust fleet tracking and monitoring system. Trackcommander offers you a total vehicle and driver visibility and monitoring; allowing you to have a real-time positioning and tracking of your fleet and historical analysis. With this criticaldata, you can ensure optimal monitored operations and thereby ensuring enhanced business results for you as well as for your customers.
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  • 24/7 Continuous vehicle positioning information
  • Automated real-time alerts
  • Real-time and on-demand vehicle tracking
  • Rule-based exceptions
  • Data delivery to multiple platforms
  • Accuracy and Reliability
  • Data Evidence to legal compliance and insurance claims
  • Prevent unauthorized vehicle access and use
  • Enhanced security for vehicles, drivers, and cargo Mandatory employee accountability
  • Reduced labor and fuel expenses

What you monitor is what you manage!


New SPY Software Products - 29/03/2011

Trackcommander anounces new line Of SPY software products that cover Mobile Spying and Computer PC spying .

For More details go to our product page.


Trackcommander anaounces new mobile spy softwares.

How to find missing children using GPS - 03/12/2009

Everyday, we hear tales of missing children and by and large it's because these children unexpectedly wandered almost without their guardian's detecting. Of course, as much as parents prefer to observe their kid day in and day out, it is exactly not feasible.

But there is new Technology, called the Global Positioning System which would resolve a lot of this problem. This little device, can be worn as a pendant or on the minor belt like a micro-pager, the smaller sizes are the most advisable for children.

This system makes use of GPS technology and offers you with tangible time data about the wearer's whereabouts. The GPS wouldn't only offer you with the location but as well as the speed and focus of the wearer's journey.

It could also be programmed to alert you if the kid goes beyond the limits of where they should be such as departing their school early. Some GPS also accompanies panic buttons in the case of an emergency.

The warning signal from the panic button would not only inform you but the GPS Company that offers the service as well then they successively can apprise the authorities. GPS Personal tracking system can come in sizes as small as a pager and their batteries could last a totally 24 hrs before asking a recharge..

If you have a kid who is old enough to drive you can also establish a back up system that would offer you with selective information of their driving habits as well as their position.

Advantages of using Vehicle Tracking Systems - 04/11/2009

Advantages of using Vehicle Tracking Systems

The accessibility of Global Positioning System vehicle tracking arrangements has switched dramatically and for the better. With it, we may empathize improve how persons and companies control their vehicles, that could be private cars, buses taxis or lorries and trailers.

Formulated originally by the US armed services to help track naval and land navigation, Global Positioning Systems (GPS) applies a constellation of 26 satellites to air down encoded time signatures to pass receiver* on the land surface. They are capable of offering levels of tracking accuracy to within a two meter radius. The United States government has allowed the use of GPS technology in the commercialized sphere since the mid 1990's.

Fleet controllers have an vastly modified control on how their fleet controls using GPS personal vehicle tracking software. They are more equal to of nailing loopholes in any system.

This can be a waste in fuel efficiency, man hours or a combining of both. Units that have been equipped with a GPS personal vehicle tracking device can be chased and his actual position can be compared to the location that the vehicles preset schedule states that he ought be. Differences from the agenda can even activate a alarm at the fleet control nerve centre.

The use of GPS fleet vehicle tracking systems has especially come into its own in the tracking of delivery van* and trailers as they set about their daily agenda on their delivery roads.

What GPS vehicle tracking software has performed to streamline these supply chains for the big companies and corps controlling a big fleet can be calculated in tens of billions. When you think that the bulk of revenue saved is in fuel prices, and with it lower of a blow to our surroundings, then the economies are twice effective.

In individual cars, installing GPS personal vehicle tracking software causes the whole concept of possessing and running a individual car much less nerve-wracking for the possessor.

With GPS personal vehicle tracking software now being equipped as standard in more family cars, there are two types of GPS personal vehicle tracking software on the marketplace nowadays.

Real time tracking is where GPS personal vehicle tracking software inherits its own, operating around specially programmed software, a device will convey to a home base placed computer. This allows the proprietor to obtain real-time information on the position, speed and direction of traveling of their vehicle.

A subscription service to any GPS tracking company provides you to get reports and access to real-time supervising displays that are shown on a girded mapping, creating it very easy.

What are the primary uses of GPS personal vehicle tracking?

Anti-theft: A main concern of new vehicle proprietors is that their car will be stolen. Using a GPS personal vehicle tracking software, your asset could be quickly located if it is taken. Car stealers have discovered that theft cars isn't as moneymaking a profession to be involved in any longer, They stay particularly clear of automobiles displaying a GPS system sticker. Insurance companies attend very favorably on proprietors that install GPS personal vehicle tracking software. The ample deductions they honor on insurance premiums will assist to pay for installing the system.

Navigation: the GPS personal vehicle tracking software makes a big navigational tool. Today some of the latest GPS personal vehicle tracking software not only allow totally exact directions, but the arrangement will also advise alternate routes when traffic over-crowding is found ahead.

Emergency Assistance: GPS personal vehicle tracking software will be capable to allow totally accurate info of your car's whereabouts. In an emergency spot, this will enable instant approach to obtain medical or emergency aid.

GPS personal vehicle tracking software could be used to track a family member's whereabouts. Also how they're driving and where they're headed.

There are so a lot of additional applications where using GPS personal vehicle equipment and software can protect your belongings and a thousand times more significant, the physical safety and the general welfare of your loved one.

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